Mobile and Presentations – Data from SlideRocket

The image on the right is originally from SlideRocket’s research page.

The major take-away is the prevalence of mobile.  According to their statistics, 1 in 10 presentations are viewed on a mobile device.  Devices used seem pretty evenly split between Android phones, iPhones, and iPads.

I don’t personally use their service (due to cost/features mix, and having a Moodle installation at Woodbury).  But, if I gave professional presentations, seeing the large number of mobile devices would make me want to post slides online in a convenient location.

Beyond SlideRocket, there are other ways to easily share your content:

  •  This seems to be the most commonly seen location for posted slides.  It’s incredibly easy to view content posted here. While not incredibly nice to view (does the screen size need to be that small), and occasionally borks on complex layouts for the iPad/iPhone, it seems to be the most commonly used service.
  • Google Docs.  While I haven’t used it before, Google does provide an online slide editing program.  My wife and I have used the docs writer, and found it to be an acceptable scratchpad service.  It doesn’t have the polish to replace Word, but is good enough for simple tasks.
  • Microsoft’s SkyDrive service is another option. I’d never heard of this until following some Microsoft MVPs, but it seems to be a nice option for posting if you already have a Live ID.  However, I tried to test with Firefox on Mac, and it crashes every time with an unexplained error.

Overall though, I still think the best option is to get a free blog hosting somewhere and post the file yourself.  If you give presentations, you should have your own URL and web-space available.

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