Latest contract letter

I was happy to see my latest renewal letter from Woodbury for the next academic year.

Garrett Renewal Ap 2012

In looking back at the last several years, I feel that I’ve been focusing too much on service.  While I have had several publications, most are in the area of assessment (not my primary interest!).

I’ve been work on PowerPoint research, but have had difficulty getting the right conference to showcase it.  Using an automated analysis approach has yielded what I think are some good results, but it doesn’t fall neatly into the IS community mainstream.

For next year, my priority is going to be to turn the my PowerPoint research into several journal articles.  I’m hopeful that this summer will result in a number of useful datasets that can be converted into some good findings.  Already, I’ve been able to download and partially process around 20,000 PowerPoint files, and I’m hopeful that with a few weeks of work, that I’ll be able to do some basic statistical analysis.

To 2012-2013!

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