Assessment article published

I worked with my good friends Joan Marques and Satinder Dhiman to put together a short article with some of the things we’ve learned doing assessment at Woodbury. It was a short article, and more of a reflection than a qual/quant study.  Even so, I think that it provides a nice follow-up to the article I wrote with Joan last year.

This article presents two contrasting assessment programs implemented at a small School of Business in the Los Angeles area.  The program for the undergraduate degree, which includes four majors, relies upon tight coordination and a centralized assessment group, while the graduate program, an MBA, relies upon individual courses as the key building blocks of the assessment program.  This article shows ways in which pre- and post-tests, nationally normed instruments, longitudinal tracking, and cross-sectional analysis can be used to demonstrate effective assessment of learning in each program.  Lastly, the article concludes by discussing ways to continually continuously improve a curriculum.

Download BEA 2012 – Garrett Marques Dhiman

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