Presentation at eLearn:

I’m at eLearn 2012 this week doing a presentation on my PowerPoint research.

Here is an abstract of the presentation, the slides, and a downloadable pre-print of the paper.

Abstract. How can we best use PowerPoint?  Three streams of research provide answers: (1) surveys provide student and faculty perceptions, (2) expert presenters give their opinion, and (3) cognitive scientists conduct focused perceptual experiments.  I expand on this research by testing existing research findings against actual conference presentations. My C# software automatically analyzes 166 slide presentations to generate numeric slide characteristics.  A regression analysis then correlates these characteristics with audience ratings and social media impact.  The results generally support existing research, but have two surprising outcomes: (1) only certain types of images generate positive session ratings, (2) high words counts lead to improved social media impact.
PDF Download: PowerPoint’s Impact on Conference Ratings and Social Media Likes

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