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eLearn 2013 Presentation on Moocs

I was able to present some of my summary work on Moocs at the eLearn conference today. Below is my presentation, but my written paper is also available for download.  This presentation was a collaboration with a Woodbury MBA Student, Yesica Allaya.


How will Moocs influence the college and university system?  This paper examines them with the “iron triangle” principles of access, cost, and quality.  These show that while Moocs have lower cost, they also have reduced access.  Because they reduce person-to-person contact, students must already be skilled life-long learners.  In addition, while Moocs are currently free, this is a result of them being subsidized.  Their actual cost per successful completer is closer to 1/10th of a traditional face-to-face or online course.  As a result, Moocs are unlikely to significantly affect existing face-to-face or online delivery mechanisms.  Instead, they are likely to reach new life-long learners.


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