WMBA 509: Management of Information Technology (MBA)

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The role of information as a corporate resource, and its use in providing strategic advantage. Problems of aligning corporate IT and corporate goals, creating IT architectures and using IT to enable change in organization. The case study method is used. This course is appropriate for both users of systems and providers of system support. Prerequisite: Computer literacy and graduate standing. 3 Units.

MGMT 336: Management of Information Technology (Undergraduate Business)

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This course analyzes the role played by information systems in a successful organization at the strategic level where information technologies and systems can provide major competitive opportunities, and at the operational level where the continuous flow of useful data and information is vital to managers. Students will develop the skills to use available information channels effectively and initiate new ones when the need arises. Lecture. Prerequisites: MGMT 326, Management and Organizational Behavior or MG 310, Principles of Management; and AW 112, Academic Writing II or WRIT 112, Academic Writing II. 3 Units.

INDS 350: Interdisciplinary Research Methods

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An introduction to the essentials of interdisciplinary research, including approaches to integrating two distinct disciplines and applying insights from one to the other and vice versa. Servces as second course in the Interdisciplinary Studies major, as well as an introduction for those generally interested in integrative, interdisciplinary research. Lecture. Prerequisite: None. 3 Units.

Comm 2701: iPhone Application Development

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A Transdisciplinary approach to software development with the iPhone & iPod Touch. This class will introduce students to software development by creating applications with the iPhone and iPod Touch. All students will learn basic programming skills (prior programming experience is not required). Students will use their own disciplinary background and skill-sets to conduct tasks like market research, business planning, interface/interaction design, and user testing. Project teams will be expected to research, program, test, and market their own applications. Lecture. Prerequisite: None. 3 Units.