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Glendora Mountain Ride Report

On my way to Claremont Graduate University, I took a slight detour through the Glendora Mountain Road.  Taking about an hour, it’s a great motorcycle ride through the Los Angeles National Forrest.

The first third of the trail is a soaring climb with plenty of visibility and heavily banked turns.  The middle part is a bit more worrying, as the road goes down to an unlined road, and there are plenty of blind curves.  The last portion down into Claremont is an easy and straight descent.

The road was almost completely deserted on a Thursday morning.  I saw three other motorcyclists, two parked cars, and close to 15 bicyclists.

The road got cold at the top, as you’re in shadow along the ridge-line.  You climb to around 5,000 feet at the peak.  Aside from passing a small town (Mt. Baldy), it’s a quiet ride through some pine forests and along the hill line of a series of mountains.

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