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Course Evaluations for Fall 2013

I recently received my course evaluations for the Fall 2013 term. They’re linked below.

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How to ask for help

I frequently have friends ask me for help resolving some type of technical problem.  Unfortunately, the following is a typical request:

I am having trouble loading your presentation, it won’t work for me.  It just keeps freezing. Sam

To help Sam, I need to be able to exactly replicate what he did.  This means I need to know,

  • Who you are
    • Your name (and nickname if you use one)
    • You class and section (e.g., if you’re enrolled in my MBA class, or an evening or accelerated class).
  • Software version
    • For a PC,
      • Windows: right-click on “My Computer” and click on “Properties.”  The screen opening should say if you’re using XP, Vista, or 7
      • Office: open Word or Excel, click on the “File” menu, and click “Help”
      • Browser: are you using Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, or Chrome?
    • For a Mac,
      • OSX: click on the Apple on the top-left of your screen and click “About This Mac.”
      • Office: open Word or Excel, click on the “Excel” or “Word” menu, and click “About”
      • Browser: are you using Safari, FireFox, or Chrome?
  • What you did
    • For example, he could say “I tried clicking on the link in your email.”
  • What happened
    • For example, he could say “The presentation loads, but only plays one or two seconds at time.”
  • A screenshot
    • For a PC,
      • Press the “print screen” button on your keyboard.
      • It doesn’t like this is doing anything, but it has actually copied a picture of your screen.
      • Open a new Word document and click Paste.
      • Save the document and email it to me.
    • For a Mac,
      • Press the Command, Shift, and 3 buttons at the same time.
      • This will save a copy of your screen as a file on your desktop.
      • Email me the file.

So, to follow our example, here is what Sam should have written me.

Dr. Garrett

My name is Sam Samington, and I’m enrolled in your MGMT 336 F1 section.

I am using Windows XP, Office 2010, and FireFox.

I tried clicking on the link in your email to watch my video.  Unfortunately, it loads, but only plays a few seconds at a time. A screenshot is below.

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Carl-Benz Academy Launch Event Pictures

The Carl Benz Academy is a three-university start-up intended to develop Mercedes-Benz managers in China.  The launch event was last year, but I just ran across the photo album today.  Aside from a weird expession on my face, there are some nice pictures on the launch page.


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7 years at Woodbury

I started working at Woodbury 7 years ago as a half-time educational technology specialist.  Since then, I’ve had 6 offices, 4 bosses, earned 2 degress, and had quite a few title changes.  For all but 6 months of my marriage, I’ve been working at Woodbury.  I’ve been heavily involved in change initiatives, first for WASC and then for AACSB.

I really think Woodbury is a special place.  I don’t get to see students for more than one term, but my relationship with faculty and staff has been the best part of my job.  When I did IT tech support, the part I enjoyed the most was one-on-one coaching.  I met some of the oddest and narrowly-talented/focused people.  Curiously blind to larger topics, they so enjoyed their teaching that it was hard to not want to take their class.

Since Woodbury has on-going contracts with multi-year periods, below is my most recent packet.  While it is annoying to have to redo the materials each year, it’s good to look back and compare last year’s packet to today’s.

There are things I want to change in 2012.  I think that I’ve been very effective in service areas: co-chairing the EPC and leading the business assessment process have been a good opportunities. However, my research project re-orientation has taken a lot longer than I thought it would, and I have gotten too focused on software and not enough on writing.  It’s hard to say that I would have done it differently; I know a lot more now than I did when I started my project 2 years ago.  Playing a ‘if I knew then what I know now’ game is generally futile.

I don’t know where I’ll be in another 7 years, but hope to have similarly interesting people around me, and feel that I’m still making a contribution to something larger.

Below is my renewal package:


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